Our Story

Hello! I am Harriet Emily, the founder of Soaking Spirit. I created Soaking Spirit in the beginning of 2020 as a way to merge spirituality with every day life. The idea originally came to me in a meditation, and when I receive ideas this way, I know I have to do something about it. As someone who works in the wellbeing industry and spends much of my time connecting others to their inner spirit, I wanted to create a brand that would help people spark a connection to their spirituality through beautiful, consciously crafted products for their body and the space around them.

Each product in this range has been designed to connect you to your spirit; the space of stillness, oneness and being, by taking you on a journey of the senses. Every scent has been delicately blended using the finest pure essential oils that connect you to the emotion and feeling of each product. Simply take a breath in and feel yourself connecting to the essence of every scent, offering yourself a moment of stillness. Feel the texture of every blend as it reaches your skin and meets your wondrous body. See your energy change as you allow yourself to connect within and nourish your spirit. Hear the sound of your breath as you start to unwind and your body starts to soften. Take yourself on a journey that unites you with your core, and provides you with a space to simply be and experience beauty in this very moment.

Every Soaking Spirit product is created with love, care and sustainability in mind. All of our glass bottles are recyclable, and every label printed is compostable. Plastic is only involved where there is no other option, such as on our spray pumps – but when the right sustainable alternatives are made available, we will make the switch. For now, after your first Room Spray purchase, you will have the option to buy an aluminium cap refill bottle. So, once you’ve finished your Room Spray, keep hold of the spray and switch the lid over to the new bottle. This in itself will save an incredible amount of waste. 

May you tread the earth lightly, listen to your heart wisely, speak your voice bravely, leave a trail of love behind you, and follow the spirit within you.